What Are The Benefits of Hybrid Printing?

Bag Printing Machine

The printing industry was finding an urgent need for a high-quality printing technique that can deliver customized printing solutions in quicker lead times. The need resulted in the introduction of hybrid printing. The bag printing machine or Non-Woven Bag Printing Machine can use this technique to reduce the length of the print jobs as well as the cost involved.

The hybrid printing was invented by merging digital printing, that provides an economical method for processing small scale print volumes and flexo printing, that offers a solution perfect for larger volumes of production. Hybrid printing combines these printing technologies and converts them into a single technique for Meeting the Printing needs of clients exceptionally.

Benefits of Using Hybrid Printing:

Enhance Flexibility: Printing businesses can cater to a large array of applications through hybrid presses. The presses can use multiple colors outside the CMYK range to create creative prints on different substrates. This way, you can drive clients towards your business that want the incorporation of special inks to make their labels attractive and unique. The hybrid technology helps you provide a decorative and seamless finish to the printing surface.

Better Productivity: One of the best benefits of hybrid presses is that it accelerates the production speed. They help you minimize your dependence on manual support. Increased speed does not mean that the quality of the print is compromised in any way. The technology automatically handles complex tasks such as labeling, coating, cutting, packaging, and others. The presses help you cut down your labor cost by delivering fast and effective printing operations.

Robust Construction: Hybrid presses are usually built using the same structure used in flexo presses. The same structure is used so that it can integrate with a variety of options and upgrades without requiring extra space in the print house. They make the best use of raw materials and can be maintained with ease. The major benefit is that they can be combined with the IT infrastructure in the company to deliver a seamless flow of design, layout, and print.

Simplify Complex Jobs: The hybrid presses provide you the option to customize them as per your exact requirements. They provide variable data imaging facilities to make space for alterations while processing complex jobs. Production and printing using hybrid technology help manufacturers reduce their operational and digital consumable costs to a great extent. The cost reduction can be made possible by aiding heavy coverage to fill areas with solid colors and incorporating digital processing to get composite images.